Monday, December 31, 2012

10 Month Review Next Week

I have my 10 month review next week and actually I have a lot of things for Ryan Homes to work on.  Most of the work deals with squeaky, loose floors that move as I walk over them.  As of now,there aren't any electrical or plumbing issues that I know of.  I did just notice a large bulge in my siding so a nail must have popped out.  I will update in a few weeks after I have some time to live in the house and see how the repairs go.  Check in then...

I'm posting some pictures of the house so you can get a sense of room sizes.  The Sorrento plan has generous sized bedrooms and closets, the only real drawback is the small living room and the total lack of an entry space.  I know in the past I spoke about choosing a Sorrento over a Sienna.  As long as the Sienna is in your budget, I would definitely recommend that floor plan, the large open entry and mud room may seem trivial, but as you live in the house (especially if you always have guests over) the added space is a great thing to have.  If you do build a Sorrento, learn from my mistake:  do not put carpet in the living room, put solid surface flooring on the entire first floor.  You can add an area rug in the middle of the living room to have a soft feel under your feet while watching TV.

I still love the navy blue door!

I think this room should be painted a light grey, time will tell...

I really love the kitchen, simple, clean, functional.

I'm so glad I didn't put the second sink in, now I have space on the counter top.  I really love the grey paint in this room.

Guest bedroom, no wall color yet, maybe I'll get to painting before I move out...

I really love the large kitchen, it gives me a 'morning room' area to sit and enjoy coffee, or put up a Christmas tree.

Living room and entry from kitchen.

I love my washer/dryer.  If I stay in my house, I will eventually put a counter top over the machines, install more shelving, and of course paint!