Saturday, February 18, 2012

All done...

We stopped by the house today to take a look.  Officially it is complete, (aside from the driveway, lawn, and some exterior cleaning and putty work.  Of course there are some things that need to be fixed up, but the house really is done and it looks nice!  I will have a friend of mine take a closer look with me before closing as there are a few framing things that may need to be addressed.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pictures, pictures, pictures

                                         Hard to tell, but the door and shutters are navy blue!

                              I really love the white carpet, but WHO is going to keep it clean?

                                                       Lavatory off the back hall

                                                                       Living room

                                                          Guest bedroom walk-in closet

                                                                 Owner's bedroom

                                                               Owner's walk-in closet

                                                                   Main bathroom

                                            The crown molding really makes the cabinets!

                                                                 Basement insulation

                                                                       Dining area
                                                 The one car garage is actually quite large
                                                                    Laundry room
Sorry the pictures are so small, I don't have an iphone.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Really close

I stopped by the house today and noticed that all the doors and hardware are up, the screens are in, and the carpet is installed.  Only things left before closing are touch up paint inside the house, insulating the basement, mortaring the basement windows in place, and painting the front door.  There will be some outside worked finished when the weather's better, (winter finally arrived in Buffalo). No pictures because I couldn't get into the house today, the sales rep. was busy selling (I hope) another house. It's almost time to move, let's see if everything goes well...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting closer...

I stopped by the site today to tour with my PM and see the progress.  It's really getting down to the wire-with closing in just a couple weeks.  The house looks very nice.  The kitchen is basically finished with crown molding, dishwasher, resilient flooring, base trim, light fixtures, etc.  all in place.  HINT:  my PM had the electrician put a walk-in closet light in the kitchen, and the huge 'pillow' fluorescent light in the closet.  I really like this as it gives a more finished look in the kitchen, and there will be no more guessing between blacks and navy blues in the closet anymore.  Bathroom fixtures are in and the water is running.  Things are really coming together, at this point the only major things that need to be done are:  basement insulation, mortaring the two basement windows in place, touch up paint, stain the staircase railing, change out the wrong bathroom vanity, fix some trim, lay some carpet, paint the front door and basement staircase, install the stove, pour the front porch/walkway, hang the doors and put on the handles, fix a squeak or two in the floor, and whatever else needs attention. Then in the spring they will come lay the driveway, final grade the yard, and plant the grass seed.  Well I guess there is a lot to finish.  Sorry, no pictures today because I had to fly from work in a hurry to meet my PM and left the camera on my desk.  I will get more pictures soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I stopped by the house today before going into work and wow, what a huge difference.  The kitchen cabinets are in, the countertop on, all the baseboard and door trim is up and painted.  The doors are in my living room and closet, painted and ready to be re-hung.  The staircase baluster is up, the resilient flooring is in the kitchen/dining room, back hall, front entry, and upstairs bathroom.  So much has been done, but a lot more needs to be done.  Touch up plaster work, final painting, base quarter-round trim, kitchen crown molding, electrical fixtures, door handles, toilets, carpet, etc.  One interesting mistake is the oak cabinet in the bathroom, it was supposed to be upgraded to an Andover Maple Spice cabinet.  I thought about canceling the upgrade at my pre-construction meeting, but didn't bother, very interesting how they ended up putting the standard oak in anyway.  My PM says they will change it out, I told him I didn't care either way, I either get the nicer cabinet, or I get some money back and keep a fine cabinet, no sweat.  There is still a lot to do before we close.  Overall, I really like this house, it is beginning to feel like 'home'.  Let's hope everything goes through.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picture this!

It's been a busy week at work but I took some time out of my day to sneak down to the house and see the siding go up.  Unfortunately it was at night so I didn't take any pictures, but my PM was kind enough to forward some pictures to me.  I hope you like it, now it is easy to see how small the house is, but is really is a nice space for a small family, couple, or even a single person.