Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting closer...

I stopped by the site today to tour with my PM and see the progress.  It's really getting down to the wire-with closing in just a couple weeks.  The house looks very nice.  The kitchen is basically finished with crown molding, dishwasher, resilient flooring, base trim, light fixtures, etc.  all in place.  HINT:  my PM had the electrician put a walk-in closet light in the kitchen, and the huge 'pillow' fluorescent light in the closet.  I really like this as it gives a more finished look in the kitchen, and there will be no more guessing between blacks and navy blues in the closet anymore.  Bathroom fixtures are in and the water is running.  Things are really coming together, at this point the only major things that need to be done are:  basement insulation, mortaring the two basement windows in place, touch up paint, stain the staircase railing, change out the wrong bathroom vanity, fix some trim, lay some carpet, paint the front door and basement staircase, install the stove, pour the front porch/walkway, hang the doors and put on the handles, fix a squeak or two in the floor, and whatever else needs attention. Then in the spring they will come lay the driveway, final grade the yard, and plant the grass seed.  Well I guess there is a lot to finish.  Sorry, no pictures today because I had to fly from work in a hurry to meet my PM and left the camera on my desk.  I will get more pictures soon.

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