Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday visit

I was supposed to stop by today to check out the insulation before the drywall went up.  After my pre-drywall meeting earlier this week, I was informed that the basement and garage floors would be poured Thursday, insulation would go in on Friday, and sheet rock would be delivered with drywalling begining next week.  When I called to stop by and visit, my PM asked if I recieved his message informing me that the sheetrock was already finished because they were running ahead of schedule. 

I'm a bit disappointed, I was looking forward to inspecting the insulation work, especially the corners, and areas where framing made proper insulation difficult.  Now I get to guess what really lies under the drywall.  I have to say, my PM sent me 6 photos showing corners and hard-to-reach places so I could see the insulation, which was nice of him.  Most of it looks good, but some of the work lookes 'so-so'.  Again, I'm sure it will be acceptable for code, but I would rather pay a little more and get a really well insulated house.  One of the only values in building a new house is the opportunity to really make sure it is well insulated, I hope my house IS well insulated.

Here are the pictures:

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