Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thoughts on my Project Manager

I never mention my PM's name out of respect for his privacy, but I want to say a few things about him.  He seems really nice, honest, and straight forward.  He doesn't pretend Ryan homes is building me a castle, he acknowledges that Ryan is a 'value builder' which means you get a nice product for a pretty decent price.  I'm a frugal person and this is something I really value about Ryan homes, a nice product for the money, not a custom built fortress, but something that is new, and probably better built than most existing construction, all for a price that is comparable to existing home prices.

Now to my PM.  I really like how he tries to meet my needs.  So far he has agreed to add a basement window because the basement contractor placed the basement window under the patio door.  He added an electrical outlet in the huge walk-in-closet for me, and even assumed I wanted it for an iron so he placed it on a separate circuit breaker.  He offered to raise the bathroom vanity a couple inches because I didn't like how low it is supposed to be.  He insulated my foundation walls when I was concerned about freezing, he has really listened to all my questions, and met my needs along the way.  I appreciate his willingness to help me out.  Working with my PM has been a very pleasant experience so far; here's to hoping that continues until all is said and done...

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