Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All moved in...

We just moved in this past weekend.  I really like the house, it isn't perfect, but it is very nice.  The closing process was a breeze.  I don't feel like NVR Mortgage played games with me at all.  The interest rate was great (3.75%) and I received a discount to lower my closing costs.  Everything seemed to make sense and added up.  That isn't to say closing fees were low, with all the taxes, prepays, and fees, my out of pocket was almost $6,200.00.  That does include the upfront PMI, but wow, that was a lot to pay at closing.  Still, I shopped around and every bank wanted at least $6,000.00 to close and  none of them were offering the same interest rate. 

As I said, the house is nice.  I'm seeing all sorts of little defects, and I don't appreciate the squeaky floors- they will be fixed!  But overall the house is wonderful.  Word of warning:  new houses have a nauseating smell that lingers for days, even with every window fully opened all the time.  If you have allergies, BEWARE!

I will get pictures up soon, I promise.

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