Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Settled

Hello Everyone,

Well, it's been a month since I closed on the house, and about 3 weeks since we moved in.   Things are falling into place.  The driveway was laid this past week, the garage door opener was installed today, the ceiling fans are in, and now I'm in the phase of re-moving the furniture around to find the best setup for now.  Of course I have dreams of what I would like to do, rows of built in bookcases, fancy new furniture, nice paint colors, etc.  but until this house has had some time to settle I'm not interested in making these investments.  As things stand now, the house seems fine, there are a number of areas where the drywall/paint workmanship is sub par, but overall it is nice.  I have to keep reminding myself that the workmanship is much better in this new house than it was in any of the existing houses I looked at.  I do have too many squeaky/creaky/floating floors.  The walk in closet floats, the bathroom squeaks/floats, the hallway creaks in a few areas, the kitchen makes creaking sounds everywhere you walk; I'm not sure how much of this will get fixed; I know it is normal for a wood framed house to creak, and even flex a little as loads transfer (i.e. as I walk along the floor) but to me this house does it a little too much.  I truly hope Ryan Homes can fix this. 

Aside from these issues, the house is really nice.  One word of caution to anyone thinking of building a new home- the quality of materials isn't the best.  This isn't just Ryan homes, most builders use 'Builder's Grade' materials, they look nice, and if you're very gingerly with them they will last a long time.  Again, how many existing houses don't have similar quality materials?  Only the really well built/well remodeled ones have better materials.  Give me some time to decide what I think about the quality, I need more time to live in this house and break it in. 
Well, as homes go, this one is nice, not perfect, but nice.  I don't think I could have found anything quite as nice for the money I paid, but this isn't exactly the best built house either.  There's a lot of small stuff, detail work, that wasn't done right.  Now I have to decide how hard I want to be with my PM when he stops by to check in on things.  Should I really complain about every little detail?  Unsure in my cozy Sorrento...

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