Monday, August 13, 2012

Bouncy floors and other odd defects...

O.K. so before I go into my blog let me say this:  I hope I don't become one of those people who HATE their Ryan Home!  Now let me say this:  I still love my house....BUT:

Does anyone else feel their floors are too bouncy?  Did I miss some memo that you need to install all hardwood and tile flooring to have the nice, stiff floors found in the models?  Am I crazy to want a floor that doesn't float when my guests walk across it? 

Squeaks:  I hate all the rattles and squeaks I hear as I walk across the floors of my 6 month 5 day old house.  I'm also begining to feel the 'distance' I've read PMs create after the deal is closed.  I've been asking my PM for a piece of wood for well over a month and for quite a while he was 'going to drop it off on my porch'- WAITING OVER A MONTH! I'm still waiting to be able to close my bedroom door at night and have a very seriously cracking floor joist repaired.

You should see the cracks and tears in my drywall, it is hideous!  It is embarassing to invite my friends over to the house.  I don't want them to see the cracks and tears and then think to themselves 'What an idiot he was to build that house'.  I know R.H. says they will fix the drywall after a year, but this is ridiculous.  Maybe I will post a few pictures for you to see.  [Full discolsure:  Ryan Homes does communicate to buyers that it is common to have drywall related cracks and tears.  I just seem to have more than most of my neighbors experienced.]

Cracking concrete anyone?  I have four cracks in my basement foundation as well as a large crack in my garage floor.  My neighbor down the street has the same crack in his garage floor too.  This is in addition to the expected cracks in the expansion joints. How many of us are so lucky to possess these cracks?  I'm curious...

Windows that don't want to lock closed?  My PM made a point to ask me to 'lock' my windows closed everytime I close them.  Well, I try to do this, but some of them just don't want to click into place.  At this point I'm well aware of 'builder grade' materials and to be honest, I think many of them suck.

Bubbling siding?  Now, thankfully I don't have this issue, but many, many homes in my community do and I think it looks horrible.  Who would want to buy a house in a community full of houses that have bad siding?

I'm curious, what sort of odd defects does your Ryan Home have?  Drop me a line and let me know.

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