Monday, January 30, 2012

A busy week...

Here again begins another busy week, at work and at the construction site.  I stopped by last Friday to take a quick look and everything looked nice.  A contractor was finishing hanging the new drywall where it had to be taken down, all the other walls have been painted.  A lot of work is scheduled for this week:  the siding should be put up and finished, the kitchen/bathroom/entry floors should go in, the cabinets should go in, the doors/base trim/ (door trim?) should go up, and the basement windows should be finished.  Wow, that is a lot for one week.  After that, all that remains is to clean things up, put down the pad and carpet, light fixtures, stair railings, shutters, paint the front door, and a few other things.  The lawn won't be fully leveled, graded, and seeded until late spring, and the driveway and front porch/walkway won't be laid until that time as well.  Look for an update in a couple days.

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