Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeps getting better

If you follow my blog you can probably tell that I'm a critical person.  I was raised in a family of critical complainers and while I try not to be a 'complainer' (and I am) I can't help but be critical.  I'm a perfectionist and I want things perfect!  So I feel it is important to be as objective as possible about my experience with Ryan Homes.  So far I really like my house, and I'm quite satisfied with Ryan Homes too. 

Yes the house has some minor imperfections, but it is also a very nice house.  The more I clean the house, the more I realize a lot of the dust in the painted trim/doors was probably in the air and fell onto the wet paint.  Most of it can be firmly washed off of the trim.  There are still some areas that are simply rough, and the drips on the doors/trim/carpet is just not acceptable.  I'm sure this will be addressed soon.  But overall the house seems fine. 

The only major concern I have for the house is the somewhat 'soft' first floor.  After my piano was moved into the house, I noticed that the floor under the piano was sagging a little.  I know this can happen with a piano and I'm looking into how I can strengthen the floor.  Currently I'm looking into 'bridging' the floor joists in the basement.  Has anyone done this to your house?  Did it work?  The online verdict is unclear; according to research it is clearly not necessary, but according to contractor blogs, bridging does a great job stiffening floors.  I have an email into my PM and I will wait for his thoughts, from there I will decided whether to hire a contractor to put in the cross bracing or solid bracing. 

What else can I say?  I really, really like the house!

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